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At this Geneva Watch Fair, we saw a variety of novel watch designs, each with a unique and novel design, and IWC is one of the best, its innovative material design and watch appearance caused The surprise of countless watch friends. This time, IWC showed the new pilot TOPGUN air combat series in the pilot watch series. |;He you worn a Rolex watch in Huairou District for several years?So which level is higher in Longines or IWC? This is the boutique Longines launched last year, which is very suitable for men's daily wear.Because it is a perpetual calendar, it is classified as a 'super-complex function' in PP, although it seems that it is nothing more than the difference when it is beating.





Prancing horse, continuing Ferrari's gloryThere is one more thing-where to verify the authenticity of Glashütte watches? Say, that even Cellini moon phase watches. As the moon phase rising up on the Rolex dial for the first time, it sowed a big fan when it showed up. The bell-shaped moon phase disc is blue enamel, the full moon is represented by a round meteorite, and the new moon is represented by a silver ring. Before Rolex, the combination of dog tooth ring and diamond scale was a symbol of medium gold watches. , Such as 116233/116234, etc. The diamond ring on the bezel is the symbol of the golden Rolex. This year, Rolex broke this rule in the new women's magazine, launching a steel-shell women's magazine with diamond rings and diamond scales. This combination greatly reduces the price of the watch, while still ensuring the luxury of the watch with enough diamonds.Methods of identifying these brands usually include sharing with friends around, store advertisements, movie promotions, magazine advertisements, etc.



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